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Kalachakra dasa

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The kalachakra is very powerful and can be very destructive as it is the dance of the yoginis. If you follow the direction of your tenth lord in the digchakra it will bring you success. If you follow the 10th lord in the kalachakra it will bring you destruction. There are many secrets hidden within the kalchakra. Pujas done to propitiate planets can be done at specific times that give them the power to overcome the problems of negative combinations, aspects and placements.

kalachakra dasa

Using the kalachakra one can calculate which day and tithi would be best to fast, do Pujas and other upayas. The most powerful time to do a puja is when the vara day of a planet aligns with the tithi opposite it on the kalachakra. These certain days are very powerful for planetary propitiations. For example, worshipping the Sun on Shasti or Chaturdasi is auspicious because they are tithis ruled by its kalachakra opposite.

Jupiter upaya is most powerful on a Thursday that falls on a Dvitiya or Dasami. When Thursday falls on a dasami it is called Sudasa vrata, which means the su good dasa timeperiod begins and the dur bad dasa ends. There are various rituals performed on that day. Worshipping a Mercury rupa is auspicious on Ashtami and Amavasya to destroy remove the evil effects of Rahu. When Wednesday falls on an Ashtami it is called Buddhastami, where the Rahu deluding the memory of Mercury can be removed with appropriate rituals.

So propitiations for these planets should be done on the most powerful days. These days are used when a certain upaya like a single puja is advised to remove the ill effects of a planet. This same concept can be applied with colors.

Kalachakra Dasa Demystified(Part 2)

The color opposite the planet will remove the negativity of the planet. The sanyasin wears saffron to be free of the negativities of Venus. The color blue considered cooling by Ayurveda removes the negativities of hot planet Mars. The color red considered hot removes the negativities of the cold planet Saturn. The bright colors of Sun remove the negativity of Venus and the Colors of Nature remove the negativities of Rahu.

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Rahu is a planet causing anxiety. The greens and earth tones of Mercury heal the mind, nervous system and prana that have been damaged by Rahu. Rahu rules cities and stress, it is in the cities and stressful workplaces that we see the most anxiety problems arising in.

In these places, there is a lack of nature and the natural colors of earth tones. In Ayurveda, it is believed that when you eat your pranic body opens up and absorbs the elements in your environment.

kalachakra dasa

So eating with evil people increases evil in you, eating with sages will increase your desire for knowledge. Eating in a busy city street is like eating Rahu himself, even if the food is sattvic, it has been destroyed by the environment you are absorbing as you eat.

A remedy for anxiety caused by Rahu is take meals in a green place like a park or garden. This can be so affective people with anxiety do not need medication after some time. All the colors can be used in this way. Note it is important to remember that this kalachakra color system is used in the environment or outside of puja. When you do puja you invoke the planet or deities of the colors you are wearing.

Best Dasha to Time events -Kaal Chakra

Timing Pujas with the Tithis of Kalachakra.By Shree Narasimha P. R Rao This article contains copyright materials cP. Are you sure Parasara mentioned the signs in navamsa and not just the lords? Go back and re-read the verses carefully!

He only specified the lords. The lords would still be the same! If the lord of a specific navamsa in Ta is the lord of Ar, that specific navamsa can fall in Ar or Sc. The lord would still be Mars! The lord of a sign being the lord of Ar does not restrict the sign to being Ar.

Some may think I am splitting hairs, but this is a genuine point and you will understand where I am coming from if you carefully read "Jataka Parijatam". I will write more a little later. Very strictly speaking, only the lords of navamsa are specified and Parasara did not specify the exact navamsa signs.

Could it be because he expected us to guess? Or, could it be because there are different possibilities? I am reminded of an old saying that one who does not ask questions never finds the answers! Narasimha Rao, Sri Jagannath Centre You cannot reproduce parts of this writing in any form without written permission from the author. For an alternate definition of the navamsa chart, let us read versesand of "Jataka parijatam" in another mail. Same is true for the navamsas in signs also.

Their lords are given by the above sequence of 12 planets, with the sequence given above repeating nine times. Detailed Meaning: Combining this withwe can start from Aries and go zodiacally and get the 12 lords as given. Thus, this is the order of navamsa signs for the padas of 3 stars starting from Aswini, Punarvasu, Hasta, Moola and Poorvabhadra. Detailed Meaning: Combining this withwe can start from Scorpio and go backwards irregularly and get the 12 lords as given.

Though this progression is basically anti-zodiacal, there are exceptions.Each of these spokes is in one of the cardinal or intermediate directions and is reckoned starting from the east and moving in the clockwise direction. Enter your email address to subscribe to this website and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address.

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Sanjay Rath DBC.Choices always depends on your prayers and good deeds, they are changeable in nature. But if your 9th house or its lord is well placed or there are placement of beneficial planets in the 9th house or lagnesh 1st house lord or 9th lord is forming relationship with each other you can get relaxation in the form of remedies.

For remedies to work there should be a good linkage between 9th, lagna and 12th house if 9th is not forming any relationship with the said houses it is very difficult for a native to get expected results for their respective remedies. Majorly karmic remedies always start working in your life via the 9th house activation with the help of Guru or a good jyotishi guidance.

When that event has to come only deliver boy can decides it. Transits has major role in transforming your whole life as they indicates about the actions period of the karma or in layman language it shows the timing of the events. Transits are indicative of the new karmas that one can do during the dasha period.

It gives you a chance to work on your self, improve your life and do good deeds in the form of kiryamana karma The new Karma.


In Dasha Systems, Vimshottari Dasha is most famous among all. Vimshottari Dasha that operates in any native life explains about certain life events those are in sync with your age like if Saturn MD or AD dasha operates in the age of 36 native will learn, grows or matures a lot w.

Thing is Purpose of every dasha beginning is to teaches you certain life lessons and understanding your life path at those fixed age. The greatest impact of planetary force on human being is it can effect your state of mind, decision making, circumstances, situations, appearance, aura, and most importantly all the personality traits are dependent on the transits and dashas and it has greater impact on human mind first.

Vimshottari dasha is one such tool you can read and analyze it well and in my observation Vimshottari dasha is all about your traits and planetary placements from the moon in natal chart, which c an read your mind setup, environment and circumstances.

One should always gives much focus on all these parameters while analysing the vimsotri dasha and impact of planetary force on human mind setup but one of major loophole in vimsotri dasha is decision of karma is always pending in your hand in any of the dasha period. Your birth is all about your current karma over previous prarabdha. In This article we will try to learn about all the Major dashas system and we will explain each dashas in their consecutive parts in future articles.

Total 9 Nakashtras Forms a complete year of dasha system as equals as life cycle in kaliyug, as suggested by some of sages. It is presumed as total life span of human being in kaliyug would be of around about to years.

During Brighter Nights Moon is ahead of Sun and more powerful to receive Sun Beneficial Rays which are directly gone impact people mindset, who will take birth in earth during this period of time. Most of Beneficial Works are done in Shukala Pakasha tithis.

kalachakra dasa

Even in Bhagwada Geeta it is Mentioned as — Birth in Shukala Paksha leads to Heaven and people who gone die at same tithi and same Pakasha never come back to earth in material world.

In the Kaliyuga, after careful examination of this dasha on a chart, the results do not go wrong. By knowing the mere name of the Yogini operating for a person, the things happening in the life of that person during the period of Yogini can be known. The total duration of Yogini Dasha is 36 years. Shorter the Dasha system is More accurate is the result. It is the Best Dasha System for timing events based on Nakshtras unconditionally.

Yogini dasha is a nakshatrika dasha based on the nakshatra of the Moon at the time of birth. Ashtottari dasa is also another Dasha System based on Nakshtras but it is conditional Dasha System applicable on Some of Conditions and perhaps the most popular dasa system in India after Vimsottari dasa.

Based on Cycle of years. It as a conditional dasa applicable only in some charts. From 4 Nakshatras from Ardra commences the Dasha of Surya, from 3 after that begins the Dasha of Candr, 4 after that will bring the Dasha of Mangal, 3 after that the Lord of Dasha will be Budh, 4 therefrom will have Sani, as the Dasha Lord, 3 thereafter the Lord will be Guru, Rahu will be the Lord of the Dasha 4 Nakshatras after that and then Sukr will take over the lordship of the Dasha 3 Nakshatras from the last one mentioned above.

The Lord of the Dasha at birth will be determined by counting in this order up to the Janm Nakshatr. Thus in this Dasha system only 8 Grahas play the role of Dasha Lords, Ketu having been denied this privilege.


Simply Its Working is based onIf the birth of the native is in Krishna paksha or the dark half of the month or at night in sukla paksha the bright half of the month and that Rahu is in a quadrant Kendra or trine trikona from the lord of the lagna that location is also called the paka lagna. Because poornaayush full life of a man is years suggested by some of sages for kaliyug, some scholars have suggested that ashtottari dasa is best used as an ayur dasa, i.

Some people use Ashtottari dasa as an ayur dasa and see longevity in it.Effects of Kalachakra Dasas. Maharishi Parashar said. O Brahmin! I am now going to describe to you the effects of the Kaal Chakr Dasha. During the Dasha. Narasimha Rao. Hence it is important to learn when a dasa can be applied and what kind of results it shows.

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In Kumbh in the Dasha of Vrishabh Ans there will be financial gains; Mesh diseases of the eyes; Meen journeys to distant places; Kumbh increase in wealth; Makar success in all kinds of ventures; Dhanu more enemies; Mesh loss of happiness and enjoyment; Vrishabh death; Mithun well being.

Effects Chara Dasas If you extend these questions to Bhuktis, there are more permutations and combinations. One is whether the balance of Dasa kalacgakra to the first Dasa of the sequence or the entire cycle.

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Effects of Dasas If Pisces has the 8th house in D-6, its dasa may give diseases. Yogas leading to Asceticism.

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Let me give a few relevant definitions before defining Navamsa Rasis of Nakshatra Padas. Dasa of a rasi gives the natural results of the rasi.

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The effects of Dasha in Raj Yog etc. These are the trends of nakshatras reckoned in their order from Aswini to be distinguished as Apasavya and Savya. In assessing the net effects the nature of the Grah, occupying the Rashi, should also be taken into account. In that sense, Vimsottari dasa and Narayana dasa show the same events. Suppose one is born in Bharani 3rd Pada. This is known as Savya—reverse, Apradakhina or anticlockwise order. However, if Kalachakra dasa of a weak and afflicted house in D runs at the same time, his inner self may not feel connected with the events in his career and he may feel a void.

Venus and Rahu in your Birth Chart. Effects of Gunas In the Dasha of Makar Navans in Vrishabh there will be tendency to perform undesirable deeds along with more adverse effects.Choose a Chapter Dasas of Planets Effects of Dasas Dasas of Hse Lords Kalachakra Dasa Effects Chara Dasas Calculations of dasas Antar dasas of Sun Antar dasas of Moon Antar dasas of Mars Antar dasas of Rahu Antar dasas Jupiter Antar dasas Saturn Antar dasas Mercury Antar dasas of Ketu Antar dasas Venus Pratyantar dasas Sookshmantar dasas Prana dasas Other Antar dasas Dasas of Rashis Ashtaka Varg Trikon Shodhana Ekadhipatya Shod Pinda Sadhana Kalachakra Dasa was originally taught by Lord Shiva to Mother Parvati and that conversation was later recounted by Maharshi Parasara to his disciple Maitreya.

Parasara described Kalachakra Dasa as Maanyaa sarvadashaasu yaa or that which is the most acceptable of all Dasas. This Dasa has perplexed scholars of many generations and its calculation has been quite controversial, inspite of Parasara devoting many verses to it!

Here an attempt is made to demystify it by offering a very simple interpretation that takes advantage of one specific verse that most translators have not paid much attention to.

The 3 Nakshatras thereafter are placed in Savya group. And so on as shown in Table I. Let me give a few relevant definitions before defining Navamsa Rasis of Nakshatra Padas. Mirrored Signs: Mirrored sign of a sign is the other sign owned by the same planet. But Cancer is its own mirrored sign as also Leo as the Moon and the Sun own only one sign each. While the Zodiac goes as Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc. They are mapped to the regular Zodiac, as in the standard Navamsa chart as shown in Figure 1.

They pre-mapped to the Apasavya Chakra, i. Controversies In Vimshottari Dasa, we map each Nakshatra to a planet. Depending on the Nakshatra occupied by the birth Moon, we find the first Dasa. The next Dasa is of the planet corresponding to the next Nakshatra and so on.

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Controversies There are several controversies: Controversy One: One is whether the balance of Dasa applies to the first Dasa of the sequence or the entire cycle. As each sequence corresponds to one Pada, some scholars argue that the balance of Dasa applies to the entire cycle. Some argue that it only applies to the first Dasa, like in Vimshottari Dasa. Controversy Two : The other controversy is about what happens at the end of a sequence and is particularly important if we apply the balance of Dasa to the entire sequence.

Suppose someone is born towards the end of Aswini 1st Pada and Sagittarius Dasa is running at birth. If you extend these questions to Bhuktis, there are more permutations and combinations. Learned scholars have given different interpretations and there is no consensus. Ignored Verse of Parasara A very important clue is offered in the following verse often ignored by scholars:.

From this, one can clearly deduce that Dasas belong to 9 Navamsa signs starting from the Navamsa sign corresponding to the Nakshatra Pada of the Moon. Suppose one is born in Bharani 3rd Pada. Its Navamsa sign is Libra. So, that is the first Dasa. So those are the Dasas. Now, what about those elaborate sequences are given by Parasara for each Nakshatra Pada? I would suggest that those are actually for finding Antardasas or Bhuktis and not for Dasas! The Dasas are simply derived by taking 9 Navamsa signs of the 9 Nakshatra Padas from where the Moon is.

If one looks at the sequences given by Parasara for each Nakshatra Pada, one can see that those are the signs corresponding to Navamsas within Navamsas.

For example, Aswini 2nd Pada corresponds to the Navamsa sign of Taurus.

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